The success of your real estate practice depends on people choosing to hire you over their other options.

They Should Hire You Why?

Their other options are real.

They could hire a different agent, they could hire a service that posts their property for sale or they could do it themselves.

Understanding why they should hire you and how to communicate this is pretty essential to your success.

What is their why?

It could be rational reasons.  You sell the most homes in this neighbourhood, your stats are better than others, you have many years of experience, you have more education or perhaps you are the least expensive.  The list goes on.

It could be for reasons that are less logical.  Perhaps the person you are engaging with cares more about belonging, being recognized, being appreciated or perhaps they are responding to jealousy, anger or regret.  It’s possible that being understood is important or even feeling confident enough to stay unattached. Maybe they just want to do what people like them do.  The possibilities are unlimited.

If we don’t know what criteria they are using to make their hiring decision, our chances of being picked drops off very quickly.

How do we know?  We ask them.

And we ask from a place of deep curiosity because if they don’t believe we are interested, they won’t tell us their real why.