Many REALTORS® tell us about the work they do and wonder why they don’t have much success.  They talk about their databases, branding, social media strategies, unique value propositions – the list goes on.  They have rating systems for clients, spreadsheets for productivity and checklists for listings.  Everything is neat and tidy and ready to go but they have too few clients to sustain a successful business.

If your home needs a new roof, tidying up the inside isn’t going to keep the house from getting ruined in the rain.

I recently put a new cedar shake roof on my cabin in Whistler.  I couldn’t find a local craftsman so I did it myself with the help of a good friend experienced in this type of work.  It was hard uncomfortable work.  It was scary – the roof pitch mandated that we work in harnesses for the entire project.  It was hot, and tiring and hard, but the cabin needed a new roof and when it was all done, I felt this amazing sense of joy, relief and profound pride that my home was now ready to withstand another 25 years of mountain weather.

Success in Real Estate comes from consistently having deliberate conversation with people who need to sell or buy Real Estate.  If you do this well and often, you’ll have enough clients to build a great Real Estate business and withstand whatever the market throws at you.  It may be uncomfortable and awkward for you to build the skills and the habits but when you do you will feel a huge sense of relief in knowing that you have a protective roof.