One month you are running crazy busy with no time for anything!  You don’t see your friends, your family is stressed, your home is in disarray, you are tired of eating your meals in the car and your personal exercise routine is a distant memory.

Then –  you have nothing.  a few cold leads that aren’t motivated and a few distant possibilities.  Your tired, anxious and uncertain.  That nagging fear settles in.  Will I ever sell another property?  What if I don’t get any good clients again?  Was it all just luck?

I call this the Roller Coaster effect and I hear a version of this story repeated over and over again from agents across the country.  The Roller Coaster effect has been a familiar piece of the real estate landscape for as long as we’ve been paid by commission.

Want to get off the unsettling and anxiety filled ride?

It’s not difficult but it takes discipline, determination and a solid plan.

The secret is to elevate your business development to the top of your priority list.  The very top!

Don’t believe me?  Take a look at our client roster and recognize that with this one simple change in perspective, you could have the real estate business of your dreams!