How to be in the top 10 percent (of anything)

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how to be in the top 10 percent (of anything)


The Top 10 percent of REALTORS® make a great living and many live contented lives. They get to do work they are proud of and help their clients make better decisions about real estate.  

What does it take to be in that 10 percent?

In real estate, hundreds of coaching and training companies tell you their program is the one you need to get to the top and make a ton of money. Some of these organizations and individuals offer valuable learning opportunities, but none of them provide you with everything you need to get to the top. My company, The Nature of Real Estate, included.

The top 10 percent of any field is reserved for the people who commit to: learn, act, persevere, overcome, create, and fail forward. The journey to success is a complex process that involves both internal and external work. It’s often uncomfortable and sometimes downright hard, but the rewards are exceptional.  

My company teaches Negotiation Skills. Negotiation isn’t fighting over price.

Negotiation is the complex and nuanced process of human connection, building trust, gathering and sharing information, strategic planning, communication, and myriad other critical skillsets.

You negotiate with prospective clients to earn the right to represent them, and then you negotiate on behalf of those clients to get their desired outcome. If you are good at this, your clients will consistently have great experiences and consistently get outstanding results. We all know what this will do to your word-of-mouth business.  

I have recently researched some of the other training companies and had conversations with their founders. These organizations might be worth looking at.

Michelle Risi and I did a live Facebook chat recently. You can view it here on FB.  Michelle helps REALTORS® find alignment in their life and business. If you feel anxious and conflicted about lead generation, this can be a game-changer. There is an inner game to real estate that is necessary to master, and Michelle has developed a program and methodology that can help you work through this. She also does a great social media course. Reach her here.

This week, I attended Richard Robbins Ideas in Action program and found Richard’s opening talk motivational. He helps people believe in their dreams. Richard also has a team of coaches that can hold you accountable for your lead generation activities. There are other coaching companies, but Richard is Canadian and has the best interest of our real estate industry at heart.  Here is Richards Website. 

Darci LaRocque is a systems and technology guru. Her 8-week program to integrate your technology and systems has been revolutionary for many agents. You can connect with Darci here.

If you want to be part of the top 10 percent of anything, you need to be exceptionally good at what you do. In real estate, that means finding clients, but it also means having the skills to serve them at a very top level. Would you hire a lawyer whose only professional training was on how to acquire clients?   

There will always be organizations vying for your attention and money. It’s your responsibility to research what they are offering and determine if it is something you need to improve your professional skills and, therefore, your ability to serve your clients better.     

Just an after note, we also offer one on one coaching, but it is not about lead generation and accountability. It’s about building strategy and negotiating masterfully.