Personality testing is highly controversial.gingerbread man with personality

It is a industry that is worth more than $500,000,000 per year.  Over 80% of test takers admit to intentionally manipulating the answers.  Just Google-search “how to pass a personality test” and you get over 11,000,000 results.

Personality tests are typically used as a pre-employment screening test.  New research, from leading edge Human Resource professionals, states that they are of little value.  The reason is that tests examine traits and preferences, not behaviours and competencies – which are stronger indicators of performance.

However, understanding our own personality traits and preferences is valuable.  It helps us know and understand our perception and judgements.  It gives us the option of expanding our perception to include a broader range of options.  This can lead to a more fulfilling life.  Cool eh?

But it gets better; if we can learn to understand and recognize personality types in our prospects, we get a window into how they perceive things and how they judge things.  If we could know how our prospects reach conclusions, we could adapt our presentation to increase the odds of satisfying their needs.

“Perception involves how we see things, people, happenings, or ideas.  Judgment involves how we come to conclusions about what has been perceived.  People differ greatly in how they perceive and therefore how they reach conclusions.”

This is powerful knowledge. The kind of knowledge that will help you deliver much better service to your clients.  It will also help you attract more prospects and convert more prospects into clients. It will be easier to win real estate listings.

As long as you are in sales, why not become excellent at it?

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