Last night we were talking about going through slumps in Real Estate, and it became starkly clear that everybody does. Your leads aren’t getting back to you, you’re not landing your listing presentations, your clients aren’t finding the right houses, and it feels like you’ll never sell another house again.


This week we dig deep on how to get out of these slumps in real estate, or avoid getting into them in the first place.

As we explored this idea of slumps, what we came to realize is that, almost always, the problem is self-assurance. Success in Real Estate leads REALTORS® to a sense of confidence that gets in the way of staying down to earth and doing the important work.

When we go through these slumps, it’s easy to think the worst. It feels like a downward spiral and we look forward and on the horizon see a tragic end to our careers. Of course, this mindset fuels the downward spiral further. Instead, I recommend digging deep, and asking yourself what’s changed since you were riding the wave of success. Have you stopped striking up conversation with strangers? Lost your creativity in serving your clients? Stopped listening? Stopped being authentic?

Success can fuel the ego, and make us believe we no longer have to do the things that brought us success in the first place. It’s a subtle line between thriving and failing in Real Estate. When you’re thriving, don’t lose sight of the little things that are bringing you momentum, connection, and success. Stay humble, stay authentic, and never stop learning.