Never cut what you can untie. – Joseph Joubert

Sometimes we feel like firing a client when we are so frustrated with their actions.  Sometimes we wish we had never taken the listing of a high maintenance seller.  Sometimes we wish the lease client that was referred to us would mysteriously disappear.

When this happens, it is always our fault.

Perhaps we didn’t qualify the client.  Perhaps we didn’t understand their problems.  Perhaps we didn’t deliver the level of service that they expected.

The smartest thing that we can do is avoid these situations in the first place. Watch for next week’s blog on qualifying people to be our client.  The question isn’t, “can they buy?” The question is, “will they buy?” Or better still, “do I want to work with this person?”

Sometimes it’s too late. We’ve made some mistakes and now we are in an unpleasant situation.  It is good to recognize that the client is also in an unpleasant situation.  To maintain our professionalism, our reputation, and our strong sense of integrity, we want to find the courage and the patience to untie the situation.  Sure, a knot takes longer to untie but the outcome doesn’t even begin to compare.