10 years into the digital revolution, we’ve all grown accustomed to the fact that technology is changing everything, always. There are those who are being left behind by this tech wave, those who are riding it, and then there are innovators who are looking down the shore to see what’s coming and get ready to do something incredible with it.

In Real Estate, we’re in a notably interesting place for interfacing with tech because

  1. There is big money for Tech companies in Real Estate
  2. Some of Realtor’s work is certainly threatened by technology
  3. BUT, the work we do that is most valuable will always be that which relates to Human Connection.

Suze has written abundantly about the extra necessity and opportunity for being excellent at what you do in this landscape. Today I want to focus on some specifics, how can forward-thinking, relationship-based Realtors use technology to improve the quality of their client connections?

We learned a lot about this in the field with the success of our inaugural Online CNE1 Course in September. We knew moving this popular course online would have some natural benefits: it would be accessible to those living far from the urban centres where we generally host courses, it would connect Realtors from across the country, and the whole thing could be easily documented in recordings so that participants could go back and review what they learned.

However, we were completely blown away by seeing the heightened engagement and learning that came from the course. We received the feedback that those who had done in-person CNE courses with us found more value in the online course, and here are the reasons why.

  1. Focus

“I really like the online format as it eliminated any class distractions and helps us focus on the task at hand” – Melissa Schneiderova

The strongest feedback that we received was that the online format helped people focus. Interesting. We usually consider technology to be an enemy of focus, but we saw that when people were engaged in the class, the format was ideal for focus because participants were joining from the environments where they focused best, there wasn’t the same distraction from other group members. It turns out that ultimately multi-tasking, not tech, is the reason for most trouble focusing, so when we could create a ‘sacred space’ of an online portal, people found it hugely engaging.

  1. Communication

The online format allowed us to have easily digestible information in front of participants way more easily. Instant polling, Q&A, and data sharing meant the whole group could be engaged with questions simultaneously and could have all the information they needed to have higher quality group discussions.

  1. Diversity

“I really appreciated that I got to learn online without having to attend a class in person. The group break out sessions were great, you really got to have in-depth dicsussions” – Susan Lee-Rodriguez

Online formats allow more people to be a part of the conversation – not only by taking away the barrier of distance, but by levelling the playing field of who is contributing and who is being heard.

How can we apply this learning to Selling Real Estate?

The most important work Realtors do is all about human connection. Negotiations, helping people make decisions, mediating different needs, and getting deals together. If you can make technology work for you to minimize distractions, invite contributions, and strengthen the connection, it’s going to make a huge difference in the effectiveness and enjoyment of your work.

So instead of using the abundant market data to set clients up on auto email, what about using it to get everyone on the same page before high-level discussions about strategy?

Instead of competing with iBuyers, maybe there is a way to take advantage of them to get yourself and your clients the information you need to navigate the new landscape with tact.

The key to being ahead of the curve with tech is to leverage for your advantage instead of competing with it.

I know there are a ton of you innovative REALTORS already engaging in this, in small ways, and in massive ways. Send Suze and me an email and let us know what’s working for you to leverage tech to do awesome work for your clients.