I am just back from Maui.  It was great.  The sun, the sea and the time with my partner Wayne made the vacation exceptional.

I feel renewed and refreshed.  As I work through the backlog of correspondence waiting for me, I find myself easily able to differentiate the urgent from the non-urgent, the important from the unimportant.

As I plan my week ahead, it is clear what the highest value activities are and which ones I will attend to.

And, I have to ask myself, “How long can you stay in this mindset of clarity?”

The truth is, as busy entrepreneurs, we get pulled and pushed in a thousand different directions and often we find ourselves doing the urgent but unimportant work that lands in our path.  To build impactful businesses we must find a way not to get pulled into this cesspool of busyness.  Busyness clutters up our creativity, keeps us from doing work that matters and wreaks havoc on the other parts of our lives.

Vacations are essential.  When we rest our brain, we restore our ability to obtain our full potential as entrepreneurs.  Exotic vacations are awesome but micro vacations can be an excellent way to restore your brain between adventures.  Taking a couple of days, a few afternoons or a bundle of hours here and there can significantly increase our productivity and the quality of our work.

“I can do a year’s work in 10 months……and I cannot do it in 12”

I’m heading out to ski some powder!