We are still the Purveyors of Information…..

The big real estate tech companies like to tell us that we are no longer the purveyors of information, but that our job is to organize and correlate that information to make it valuable to your clients.   I have bad news:  computers are infinitely better at organizing and correlating information than we are.

In the old days we held the keys to all the information about real estate and the consumers needed to hire us to get access to that information.   This is no longer the case.   Property listings and sold information is available to anyone as mandated by law.

Those days are gone but they have ushered in a desperate need for the specialized information and skills that a real estate agent can offer.

We supply the important information that isn’t available online.  Information that helps our clients make better decisions about buying and selling real estate.

Here is a partial list of the information a professional real estate agent should have to help their clients to make better decisions and get better outcomes:

This is just the tip of the Iceberg.  What other information could you as a professional real estate agent supply to your buying and selling clients that would be valuable to them?