The Natural World Works!

By turning to nature, we an see how complex systems survive, adapt, change, evolve and thrive in spite of threats and adverse conditions.

Real Estate Sales is a complex system.

It involves; complicated legal issues, extensive market knowledge, human psychology, advanced communication skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Each of these five factors breaks down into many important subsets of things we need to know and do.

It’s alot.

Just like nature, it is impossible to separate each of the factors and treat them independently.  The frog is dependent on the water, the air and the bugs;  the bugs are in turn, dependent on the algae;  which are in turn dependent on the frog and so on.

To survive and thrive in Real Estate, we need to be in alignment with the natural forces at work.  Getting a sale is a result of this system working.  Each of the many parts needs to work in sync with the other parts to create the right environment for a transaction to occur.

Nature is the inherent character or basic constitiution of a person or thing:  It’s essence. 

If we try to conquer the inherent character of a person or a thing or a situation we cause stress, conflict or stuggle which more often than not ends in some form of failure or defeat.

Here is a great metaphor that lies close to my heart here in Whislter, British Columbia.

Below is a rare picture of a skier caught in a size three avalanche. It hangs on our living room wall.   Nature tells us not to ski steep pitches in conditions that create high avalanche risk.  Going for a ride in a size three avalanche will at best leave you broken and without ski equipment far from civilization and at worse it will leave you buried alive in an icy grave. If we try to conquer Nature – we lose.  For more information on avalanches, see my boyfriends blog .  Wayne is a 30 year ski patrol, paramedic and search and rescue guy who’s pulled too many bodies out of avalanche terrain.

If, on the other hand we choose to align with nature and ski the terrain that isn’t at risk of an avalanche,  this is what our experience is like:

Skiing great powder snow is one of the most magical experiences in the physical world.

In Real Estate, the avalanche is symbolic of us trying to conquer the inherent nature of the situation.  Perhaps we are tyring to persuade a client to purchase who isn’t ready, or we hoping our overpriced stale listing will miraculously sell.  Maybe we are hounding our friends for business without consideration of their values or maybe we are failing to listen deeply to our prospects stories.  There is no shortage of places that I see Real Estate agents in conflict with human nature and the nature of the situation.

If, on the other hand, we align with the nature of the people, the things and the situation,  we will often experience idyllic situations where all the parties win and everyone is thrilled.  Homes get sold, people have great experiences and the entire process is without stress or friction.   This feels great – like a deep powder run down the side of a mountain.