This is the most important question in real estate.  This question invites people to drill down below the why nots, the what ifs, and the ya buts.  It helps them gain clarity, clear the fog and begin to focus on what truly matters.

When asked without agenda, judgement or assumption, it drives connection and trust.  They know that you care about them. They know that you are focussed on them.  It will be a unique experience for them as truly client centered service is rare.  You will see the doubt, defensiveness and mistrust dissolve.

It’s likely not the first question you ask someone but it should definitely be asked early and often.

When you learn to ask this question, everything changes.

Ask it of yourself, your clients, and your colleagues.   Try it out with family, friends, and people you communicate with in any part of your life and see what happens.

Here’s the thing:  You must mean it. You must ask it without an agenda and you must listen deeply to the answer.   Otherwise it’s just a techniques and techniques drive disconnect.

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