What’s the Hard Part?

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What’s the Hard Part?


What’s the Hard Part?

There are five steps to doing a deal as a REALTOR®.  

  1. Find someone who needs to buy or sell a property
  2. Build a connection with them, so they like and trust you
  3. Get an appointment to meet with them (in person or virtually)
  4. Get a listing contract or Buyer Agreement signed
  5. Fulfill the contract with a successful sale.

The steps are simple but not necessarily easy.

What’s the hard part(s) for you?

Are you sure?

Once you know what the hard part is, you know where you need to build better skills.

Most people think that finding prospects is the hard part, but we all know many people who bought or sold a property and didn’t use our services.  

The hard part isn’t finding people who need to buy or sell. The hard part is earning the right to represent those people.  

Building the professional trust required to engage a client in a successful relationship involves empathy, excellence, ethics, a deep understanding of the psychology of decision making, and high-level negotiation skills.   

These things are harder to teach. They are also harder to learn, and they are the essential elements to your success.  

If you are tired of grinding through uncomfortable and unsuccessful lead generation activities and want to learn a more natural way to attract clients and build a real estate business that you love, perhaps The Nature of Sales program is for you.

“Empathy is the Hard Part” Seth Godin