Sometimes coaching has an almost magical quality that helps people achieve amazing results.  Sometimes not so much.

What makes the difference?


Coaching at its best is helping people interface with their resistance.  The tricky bit is that the resistance people encounter is unique to them and how they can interface with it effectively needs to be tailored to that individual.

This means the coach must be capable of seeing things from the client’s perspective.  And it means that the client must be willing to share their perspective openly with the coach. Neither of these two things occurs easily or naturally.
The coach must be willing to completely step away from their own beliefs, assumptions and way of seeing and being.  This takes a very high level of self-knowledge and ego management.  High-level coach training addresses this in some interesting ways but the individual person training to be a coach must be phenomenally open and receptive to the concept.  This is rare.

The client must be willing to share their perspective.  For most people, this is challenging on several levels.  Awareness or lack of awareness that they have a completely unique perspective is one.  Another is the fear of exposing our own perspective so as to be judged on it.  And for some, a culture of stoic and non-emotional communication makes it nearly impossible to share the personal stuff that allows a powerful coaching relationship to build.

A great coach will create an environment of trust that helps all of this along but even with the very best coach, the client must be willing to play their part.

What is the resistance that we need to interface with?

I’ve written extensively on resistance in real estate in the past and these articles from 2011 and 2015 are just as valid today as they were when I wrote them.

Take a look at this series of three blogs that take an in-depth look at human resistance:

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and this stand-alone blog post about prospecting: Our Resistance to Prospecting Explained

The Pitch? Choose a great coach. It could be your fast track to your stretch goals.

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