With The Awesome Females in Real Estate conference in my rearview mirror and Inman Connect – Las Vegas coming up next week, it’s a great time to reflect on the purpose of conferences and how they can benefit us professionally.

What I want to learn at these conferences is how our US counterparts are managing the changes that are occurring in real estate as a result of all the new tech companies, virtual brokerages, hybrids and IBuyers.

What I am learning so far is that REALTORS® who are committed to the industry, willing to adapt to the new technology, deliver a very high level of customer service, negotiate professionally and let go of the traditional model are doing great and having fun.

One theme I hear over and over again is that the change in our industry is being driven by the consumer and those who are committed to serving the consumer are finding success.  What the consumer wants is; access to information, transparency, market knowledge, an expert to guide them through the process and to pay a fair fee for these services.   This seems pretty reasonable to me.

The second reason I go to conferences is to meet new people, connect in person with professionals I have been communicating with across the continent and reconnect with people I haven’t seen for a while.  I have a number of one on one meetings set up with change-makers and market experts.   This opportunity to connect, collaborate, share and learn from other professionals is an important part of our business.


If you are going to be in Las Vegas at Inman, reach out and let’s connect.