Last week, REPMag announced it’s selections for the Top 100 under 35 of REALTORS® in Canada. We’re so thrilled to see Adil Dinani- a client and bright light in our community- amongst them.

There is always a lot to learn and reflect on from an industry leader who is making waves early in their professional lives. To us, this is especially true in Adil’s case, as his success has been driven by ethics that are great for his business, his clients, and the industry.

In order to achieve excellence, there have been a set of values at the core of my business  – hard work, integrity and client-centeredness.”

Adil reminds us all that efficiency, a strong reputation, and momentous success come from being excellent with every individual client. This means not only having outstanding knowledge of the market, and being able to articulate it into the best advice for clients, but also placing the clients first.

Care for your clients, look out for their best interests, and the business will come… I’ve always placed my clients’ best interest ahead of my business goals, I believe this has resonated well with clients”

Adil showed us a huge amount of wisdom in choosing the long-game approach early in his career.  He explained that, “like any consumer-focused industry, it takes time to build a foundation and gain momentum. When you reach a thriving point you must have the conviction to maintain it and ultimately make sure that it goes back to your core values.”

This approach, and Adil’s ability to thrive with it, comes not only from the values of hard work and integrity, but also from prioritizing a mindset that gives him the capacity to be absolutely supportive of his clients, achieve great results, and scale it into an abundant and dynamic business. He shared a reflection on his time coaching with us: “it taught me early on that your mindset is your single most valuable asset. Suze has a unique ability of getting me to peak performance in my business and allowing me to maintain it.”

Photo Credit: Ferdinand Stohr

Like most realtors who shine at the top of the industry, Adil has built his success in a unique way- prioritizing his values, having integrity with his clients, and doing the hard work of knowing how he performs best. Perhaps his success can give others the confidence to choose the high-road, or the long-game, in Real Estate.

Adil Dinani

Greater Vancouver


Instagram: @adildinani