Every study available on physical attractiveness reveals that people who are perceived as attractive are also perceived as more likable, intelligent, trustworthy, and credible than unattractive people.

Most of us are also aware that looking the part of the successful agent through personal style and our choice of car does have a strong impact on how our prospects and clients perceive us.

I learned the car thing the hard way.  I lost a high end listing and when I inquired why, they said that they really liked and trusted me but that the agent they had chosen is really successful -“she drives a Mercedes and everything!!”  Dah.  I didn’t buy a Mercedes but I did upgrade my vehicle to something more upscale.  The commission would have paid for it.  If that isn’t possible, make sure the one you are driving is perfectly clean, smells good, is free of damage and runs perfectly.

I’m no fashion expert.  I live in the mountains and my fashion choice is Arctery’x outdoor gear.  I  dress appropriately when I travel to see clients and speak and when I was selling I had a personal shopper at Holts. It is something that I have always had to work on.  Here are a few key points I’ve picked up over the years.

And also:
  • good quality pen
  • good quality well kept brief or attache case or Tablet cover
  • presentation materials organized
  • no clutter or chaos

Follow these links for great information on how to dress for success:

Women:  EHow to Dress for Success

Men: Molloys’ How to Dress for Success overview

For those that are fashionably challenged,  a good image consultant is worth the investment but interview several and get referrals from their past clients.

How you are perceived matters. Your friends, colleagues or broker/manager will likely not alert you if there is a deficiency in this area.  Ask yourself –  Am I proud of the way I look?  Get someone you trust to give you some good honest feedback!