I’ve seen a lot in my CNE and MCNE classes. With over 30 courses under my belt since the beginning of COVID-19, I’ve learned a thing or two about Zoom etiquette, Zoom professionalism, and Zoom strategy.

Zoom is your newest and greatest tool. Use it well, attract new clients, engage the ones you have, and have successful negotiations.

There is a ton of stuff online about mastering Zoom, and I don’t need to repeat that all here but here are the bullet points you need to make the most of this essential technology.

I’ve seen some REALTORS® with an exceptional Zoom presence. They come across as professional and trustworthy. I’ve also seen REALTORS® zooming from bed, hiding among piles of clutter, or just having dark and out of focus video feeds. Who do you think is earning referrals?  

Make an effort to master this critical new skill set.  

I’m going to take some time this weekend to improve my Zoom space. I’ll share on Facebook this week. How about you?

Here is a fun YouTube Video about Zoom from Unmarketing