Achieving High Performance for Teams and Individuals In Real Estate

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Achieving High Performance for Teams and Individuals In Real Estate

High performance is defined as being better, faster, or more efficient than others. In real estate, it means getting better results for your clients and for yourself.

While tons of energy is spent struggling with lead generation in real estate, the negotiation skills required for client acquisition and dealmaking are given less attention.

Negotiation isn’t haggling over money. It is the nuanced and complex process of human interaction required to get agreement between two or more parties. We negotiate from the moment we first encounter a prospective client until the deal is closed.

If your lead generation strategies aren’t working, consider your negotiation skills a likely obstacle. People are unlikely to tell you they need to move, or if they do, they are unlikely to hire you unless they trust that you can get them an outstanding result. It’s your job to communicate with them in a meaningful and trust-evoking way so that you can earn the right to represent them. This is negotiation.

Consistently and overwhelmingly, the evidence shows that experts are always made, not born

– Anders Ericsson

Yes, we negotiate to earn the client, then we negotiate on their behalf to get them an exceptional result selling and/or buying property. Your negotiation skills matter, and while taking negotiation courses is important, gaining excellence only comes from deliberate practice.

Imagine taking a 2-day course on firefighting and then being expected to save people in a burning building. Imagine reading a book about how to play the piano and then being expected to play it perfectly. Deliberate practice is critical to high performance in any field, and real estate conversations and negotiations are no different.

Deliberate practice is described as improving skills that you already have and extending the reach and range of your skills. This is achieved through attention, rehearsal, repetition, feedback, and new knowledge. It is further defined as a continuous improvement towards mastery. Interestingly, when we move towards mastery, we gain automaticity, which frees up our cognitive resources so that we can handle more challenging and varied tasks. This distinguishes the novices from the experts.

Realtors who are doing 5-plus deals per month are likely having tens of conversations per day and have the opportunity for deliberate practice through their work. This is why an elite coach is beneficial to them. She can help them reflect, debrief, and improve as part of their ongoing business development.

Don’t like to practice? It’s worth taking a deeper look at that. Perhaps you had a bad experience as a kid of being forced to practice a musical instrument for hours on end with no support or positive feedback. I did. Practice can be super rewarding and fun if it’s done right. I’ve worked hard to build an enjoyable, supportive, and rewarding program. It will help agents master their negotiation skills, earn more clients, and achieve high performance in real estate; All at an affordable price so that more agents can get this essential training critical in this market.

I am a devoted coach committed to helping realtors break free of the lead generation debacle and gain the skills that are actually required to succeed in real estate.