Finding The Success Zone

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Finding The Success Zone


Sometimes everything goes right. You are attracting high-quality clients; you are getting good listings and building successful strategies to get them sold. Deals are happening, your clients are happy, and you are feeling appreciated and respected. Life is good, and you love real estate.

And sometimes, not so much.

Sometimes it feels like everything is hard.

You have a bunch of difficult clients, you are losing out at listing presentations, you are working long hours, and nothing is coming together. It feels like everyone around you is rocking it, and you are in a miserable slump.

Let’s call the first scenario The Success Zone. The second one, well, how about The Slump.

As an entrepreneur, you can expect to experience both from time to time, but top producers have learned to be in The Success Zone more often.

This ability comes from being effective at un-slumping oneself while simultaneously creating the open and curious mindset required to attract great clients and create The Success Zone.

Yes, it’s mindset.

When life gets challenging, most of us default to a negative and judgemental way of thinking, and we attract the same. People in this space aren’t easy to please. When we have challenging clients, it erodes our mindset even further, setting us on a downward spiral, and we land in that unpleasant place called The Slump.

How do we avoid The Slump?
We need to learn to create and sustain The Success Zone? It’s a conscious process that you can learn to manage.

Learning to understand the human psychology behind mindset is the first step. This knowledge allows you to be aware of your own and others’ mindsets and adjust appropriately. Awareness of your way of thinking enables you to choose a curiosity mindset that attracts success and step away from the judgemental mindset leading to The Slump.

Awareness of others’ mindsets allows you to reduce the negative effect that they will have on you. This gives you the space to choose to step away from a destructive client or to take that client on and serve them, creating personal boundaries so that it doesn’t mess up the rest of your business.

Mindset work is the key to The Success Zone, and creating and sustaining a curious and open mindset takes a real commitment. Begin by understanding the psychology, have the courage to see yourself honestly, learn to consciously choose your mindset, and build all of this into a habit that you can rely on.

The Nature of Sales group coaching model is built on this foundation, and I am committed to helping each participant find and sustain Their Success Zone.

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