Make Them Understand

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Make Them understand


Many sellers and buyers have expectations that are out of alignment with the market.

Of course, they do. The market has changed significantly and quickly, and many people are confused, angry, uncertain, or scared.     

If your sellers are stuck at a price that isn’t realistic in this market, you aren’t doing them any favours to (a) Let them believe there is any chance of them getting that price and (b) arguing over positions. Both actions will cause them to anchor more firmly and fail to sell their property.

If you try to convince your buyers that now is a great time to buy when they say otherwise, you will lose trust and likely lose the client.

This market demands that you have the soft skills required to help people make complicated decisions.  

Take your sales hat off and take the time to build the deep trust required for dealmaking in transitioning markets.  

In recent posts, I’ve written about Power Distortion, Market Opportunities, Valuing Properties and the Mindset of Dealmaking. These posts is the information you need to understand the psychology of the buyers and sellers. The key to helping people make good decisions about real estate right now is seeing their perspective and creating the psychological and intellectual space for them to broaden their view.  


If people had the right skills and intention to communicate well, there would be no conflict. The better we are at communicating, the better our lives will be.

Yama Mubtaker

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Next week – Managing your Bias on Price. I hear, “I’m not going to let them give it away” often. If this is you, consider if your bias is keeping your seller from being able to move forward.