Head (or Cognitive) trust matters. (more on the importance of trust here)

While heart trust is important, in the modern real estate world, fewer people are willing to hand the purchase or sale of their biggest asset over to you because you are honest, kind and caring.  It’s just not enough anymore.  Consumers also need you to be excellent at what you do so that they feel confident that you will get them the best possible results.

I am currently holding a series of one on one interviews with some of our top MCNE grads to learn what’s fueling their success.  These will be published along with our blog in the coming weeks and the learning is powerful.  In an interview with Janet Rathbun yesterday, we talked about the importance of negotiation skills in her business.  While there were many important advantages, the one that really stood out for me was this: Janet feels that she has the right language to be able to speak to her clients about the negotiation strategy and tactics that will get them the best results.  This sharing of negotiation expertise creates a partnership between her and her clients that is built on mutual trust and respect and puts them on the same team. Together, they are able to navigate the often-complicated details of the transaction and obtain excellent outcomes.  Janet feels that this makes both her and her clients more successful and also makes the process less stressful and more enjoyable.   Great outcomes, happy clients and less stress.    That’s pretty powerful stuff and is a sure way to earn repeat and referral business.

If you want to continue to improve your negotiation skills, take any of the CNE courses that you haven’t yet completed or consider joining our Advanced Negotiation Mastermind, Starting October 17th.   In addition, we recommend this book written by William Ury at Harvard:  Getting to Yes.