It isn’t what you think it is.

Leadership is a specialized skill set that differs remarkably from the skills you have acquired to be successful at selling real estate.

The powerful character strengths that you have used to obtain your current success are essential for your growth as a strong team leader.  Learning to lead is a complex and rewarding journey.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch

Defining leadership is a challenge, even for the famous leadership experts, but the best definitions are all centred on growing, developing and maximizing the potential of your people.    For those of us who have been successful solo entrepreneurs, this can be a significant challenge.  We expect people to lead themselves the way we did and I’m sad to say, they won’t.

People join a team because they want to be mentored, supported, gain a sense of belonging and feel secure.   As a leader, it is your job to instill these things in the people who trust you to help them build meaningful and successful lives.

The rewards of being a great leader are many.  The pride of watching your people soar to success is magnificent.  The control you gain over your time can be a huge relief after years of late nights and weekends and the financial benefits can be significant both in terms of ongoing revenue and long term equity in a valuable organization.

“As we look ahead, leaders will be those who empower others.”  -Bill Gates

We have all seen many team leaders struggle to build teams.  A once great REALTOR® becomes bogged down in recruiting, training, disciplining, and off boarding well-meaning team members who just don’t make it.  The team leader is still working hard selling real estate to keep the revenue coming in but feels in the end that they are now doing twice the work for half the money.  This all too familiar story is a direct result of leadership skills that need sharpening.

If you want to be a team leader, you will need to learn leadership skills.  There are many courses available and we have built one that is specifically for REALTORS® .

If you are currently a team leader, or are considering a move to a team model, this might be worth its weight in gold.

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