On Being Strategic.

Top Agents Build Successful Strategies for their Clients.

Whether it’s putting a listing up on the market, navigating a tough market for a buyer or entering into a complicated negotiation, the agents who plan, think, create and deliver a successful strategy will get significantly better results than those that go with the flow.

Being strategic is a critical aspect of being excellent at real estate.

To build a strong strategy, you need as much information and data as you can get, the training and experience to use that information for your clients benefit, the space to think clearly and the confidence to communicate succinctly with your client and other stakeholders.

I’m hearing the” I’m really busy moan” a lot these days and it worries me.  If you are really busy you are not in a situation to build great strategies for your clients and they deserve to have you at your very best.

It is such an honour and a responsibility when someone asks you to represent them in the sale or purchase of such a large and important asset as a home.  The people that take that responsibility seriously will have clients for life.   Those that let busy get in the way of excellence, are playing the short game.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to manage your time so that you can be present with your clients, build solid strategies, negotiate professionally and deliver the customer service they deserve.

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