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Negotiation Foundations for Real Estate

July 11th and 12th, 2023

Noon – 3:00pm ET | 9:00am – Noon PT

Earn your AREN Certificate. Skilled negotiators get better results, for their clients and for themselves. You’ll learn how to close more transactions, achieve better outcomes for your clients, be seen as a trusted and respected professional and attract more and better clients. Discounts for pairs and teams.


Please note that 100% attendance and participation is required to receive your designation. Please ensure that you are fully present while taking this course.


Click here to view the course syllabus.




Advanced Negotiation Skills for Real Estate Presentations

September 19th & 20th, 2023

Noon – 3:00pm ET | 9:00am – Noon PT

The AREN Certification is a pre-requisite for this course.


Earn your PREN Certificate. In this course we will deepen your understanding of principled negotiation theory and apply these skills to your real estate presentations. Discounts for pairs and teams.


Please note that 100% attendance and participation is required to receive your designation. Please ensure that you are fully present while taking this course.


Click here to view the course syllabus.




Suze Cumming & Marilee Adams

September 7th, 2023

10am – 11am

Join Suze Cumming & Marilee Adams for an Incredibly Transformative and Collaborative Session.


Suze Cumming hosts Marilee Adams, author of “Change your Questions, Change your Life”, for a special session on how Mindset and Real Estate Success are so tightly intertwined.


We will take Marilee’s mindset work and use Suze’s professional skills and knowledge to tie together client attractions and negotiations.


Join us for FREE on September 7th for our live virtual event.


Get ready to be inspired to make positive Real Estate and Mindset shifts.



“Amazing course and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their negotiation skills.”

Kristy Armani, Century 21, Marham ON.

“Unbelievable. By far, the best combination of courses you can take out there.” 

Matt Plunkett, Re/Max Hallmark Realty

“The MCNE courses gave me invaluable knowledge and skills to help me in my business and personal life.”

Joanna Maroussis, Re/Max West

“As a new realtor I would highly recommend this course. In four short mornings my professional confidence has increased ten fold. I now know I am worth what I have to offer and have a clear sense of why. “

Michelle Johnson, Re/max Vernon BC

“This CNE1 course was informative and very helpful. Suze is a fabulous, knowledgable and fun facilitator. I have signed up to do the next two.”

Tina Hubicki, Bosley Real Estate, Toronto

“It was a great course and very eye opening! It helped me see my strengths and weakness as an agent and gave me a lot of tools to use going forward!”

Amanda McDermid, Re/Max Kamloops

“As a 20 year plus vet of the industry I found the course very insightful. Suze is an amazing instructor and is very engaging.”

Scott Mayne, Re/Max Kelowna

“The CNE 1 program was an amazingly positive experience. I would highly recommend to all realtors regardless of their time spent in the industry. Very professionally presented!”

Cornelia Shuster, Re/Max Kelowna

“I found the course to be excellent and really professional. Suze really knows her stuff!”

John Procenko, Century 21, Markham

“Suze is an amazingly effective instructor. The real estate negotiation tools, approaches, techniques and skills she provides her students are game-changers.”

Elizabeth Forster, Bosley Real Estate, Toronto

Meet Suze

Suze’s love of learning and her passion for facilitating growth in others is obvious in everything she does. She is a prolific blogger, a spirited speaker and a disrupter of all things real estate.

Suze began selling real estate in 1985. She was 21, and closed 25 ends in her first year. While enjoying a successful real estate career in Toronto, she became a single mother, and raised a daughter with significant health challenges all the while maintaining her position as a top agent with Bosley Real Estate. She did this by building strong relationships, developing communication skills, and looking after her clients’ needs. She learned quickly, and has since lived by her no-nonsense approach that being exceptionally good is the only way to go.  

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